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When a mysterious asteroid awakens monsters of myth, Evolutionaries like Andee Bochs are forced to protect what's left of humanity.

Andee just wants a peaceful train ride to her new monster slaying job in Kansas City. But when gremlins bring her trip to a screeching halt, she requires the help of a dangerous man with sharp knives to get back on track.

Discover the monster-riddled world of Andromeda Bochs in this prequel to Evolutionary Magic!


Christina Herlyn

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Christina grew up in Texas and Oklahoma but now lives in the Midwest where she earned a History degree from William Jewell College. She writes fantasy because dragons and witches wouldn't stay out of the perfectly normal historical novel she tried to write. Christina hates to read. (Ha! Just checking your attention span.) She worships the sun and exercises just enough to avoid being the first casualty in a zombie apocalypse. Her favorite workout of kickboxing is perfect for this goal. Her second favorite, yoga . . . not so much.

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