You know how you need that perfect playlist before a big game, for a road trip, or just to prepare yourself to scrub your kids' disgusting bathroom? Writing is the same! These battles with monsters don't form into cohesive paragraphs by listening to my loud-ass air conditioner or my neighbor's chihuahua. The majority of my inspiring playlists come from alternative metal bands like Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Chevelle, Five Finger Death Punch, Seether, or Three Days Grace. But these guys aren't always heavy. They have a few . . . monster ballads, if you will. To get you as pumped to read  my stories as I get to write them, I've compiled playlists for each of my books. Most are songs I listened to while writing, but I always put in a few with titles or lyrics that are just too on point to ignore. Plus, I feature at least one artist who hails from the city or state where the book takes place. I hope you enjoy!

Evolutionary Magic Soundtrack

Enjoy tracks like "Atlas Rise" by Metallica "Monkey Wrench" by Foo Fighters,  "Uprising" by Muse, and "Failure" by Breaking Benjamin.

Umbra Magic Soundtrack

Andromeda Bochs Book 2 requires songs like "Evolution" by Korn, "Dangerous" by Seether, and "Self Destructor" by Chevelle!

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