Andromeda Bochs is required to be a monster killer. It’s in her DNA.

Elite monster hunter with the E-gene may sound prestigious, but Andee just put on her last pair of jeans not slimed, burned, or eaten on the job. She expects to die by monster in spectacular fashion until she meets a scientist who believes in magic. And he claims she has it. 

Science and magic collide in this dystopian urban fantasy!

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"Wow! Now that is a book that will appeal to just about everyone!" - N.N. Light

"When I need a ride or die after the apocalypse, I'm calling her." - Author Angelique Migliore

"I was glad there was resolution for this story but was also happy to see it was set up for more books in the series. Because I want more books in this series!" - Amazon reviewer

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Umbra Magic

The monster in her soul wants total control, but the thunderbird who holds her heart won't let her give up without a desert showdown.

It’s been six weeks since Andee Bochs consumed the magic of an Ancient and dropped his shriveled, thousand-year-old body at her feet. No matter that he’d tried to kill her first—her shadow magic terrifies her. She doesn’t understand it, and she can’t always control it. Even worse, the power comes from a monster in her soul who doesn’t like his hostess.


"This book is nonstop action. Recommended for every reader of books about magic and monsters." - N. N. Light


"That dystopian world is highly original and crafted to be totally convincing. I found my suspension of disbelief total, and I think half of that is to be found in the believable characters."

- Amazon reviewer

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