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How to get a man who hates prophecies to fulfill one and save the magic of the forest . . .

Amili knows the magic of Griseo Wood is dependent on the Wolves who call it home. But their power has dwindled and their leadership has waned. When Tavek the Warlock scries a suggestion that the new Lord of the Wolves meets Queen Gratia of Alithia, Amili will face cruel Hunters, join forces with birds, and risk her life to make sure it happens. Meanwhile, Queen Gratia must be convinced that this new leader of a woods-people she has little to do with is actually worth a royal minute.


A dark sword and sorcery novella prequel to Touch of Red

Touch of Red

Touch of Red digital cover.jpg

Cursed with a mortactio's deadly skin, Pyrrha can never touch the people she loves.

Fortunately, no one fits that criterion in her home—not even her mother, Regent Duri. But when her paternal grandmother, Queen Gratia, is bitten by a komoviper, Pyrrha must leave her secluded life and travel the dangers of Griseo Wood to deliver a cure.

Regent Duri’s Hunters patrol Griseo Road, but Wolves rule the wild forest—and they hate all that Pyrrha represents. Though mere men and women, the Wolves still possess a magical connection with Griseo Wood that Regent Duri covets. And now Lykos, Lord of the Wolves, has come by another valuable possession: Pyrrha. Her desire to touch the handsome, vivacious enemy of her mother grows stronger by the day. He will charm her out of her red hood and into a Wolf’s helmet if he can. But mortactios must maintain a life of solitude and detachment, and Lykos needs to respect her cursed skin before tragedy strikes.


In this dark fantasy retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, the red hood warns of her death touch. This time, the big, bad Wolf had better watch out for her.

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